Commercial Electrical

Motor and Process Controls

When it comes to streamlining industrial processes, companies can boost system performance by increasing operational efficiency. How? With motor and process controls that provide more productive plant automation on a system-wide level. Our experience with motor starters, reduced voltage starters, adjustable speed drives, and programmable logic controllers means we can help you implement and enjoy more forward-thinking plant automation. Our years of working with process control systems like batch, discrete and continuous systems can help you streamline your production or manufacturing process.

A few of our clients

  • Livestock Nutrition Center – North Kansas City, Missouri
  • City of Blue Springs – Blue Springs, Missouri
  • Arnette Polymers – Richmond, Missouri

Conveyor Systems

Your conveyor system is the lifeline of your facility. When it’s not operating at peak capacity, your ability to move and/or produce your product is jeopardized. If your company uses an electrically operated and controlled conveyor system, SEC likely has experience working on comparable units. From systems designed for assembly, manufacturing, and distribution, whether it’s a case and tote package conveyor, pallet conveyor or a system designed for the automotive industry, we have experience either installing one or troubleshooting an existing unit.

A few of our clients

  • Bayer Animal Health – Shawnee, Kansas
  • CertainTeed Corporation – Kansas City, Kansas
  • Automatic Systems, Inc. – Kansas City, Missouri

Precipitator Tech Support/Retrofits

SEC has traveled all over the continental US retrofitting precipitator controls on dry type precipitators. We also have experience in replacing controls and power feeds to the transformer rectifier sets, voltage controllers, rapper controls, sonic horn systems and hopper evacuation systems. We have the technical knowledge required to troubleshoot and program voltage control operating systems, mainly the BHA SQ-300 and SQ-300i platforms.

A few of our clients

  • Progress Energy – Crystal River, Florida
  • Duke Energy – Belews Creek, North Carolina
  • Hoosier Energy – Sullivan, Indiana
  • Montrose Station – Clinton, Missouri
  • John Amos Station – Winfield, West Virginia
  • Trans Alta Energy – Centralia, Washington
  • Ameren Utilities – Washington, Missouri

Control Panel Design/Fabrication

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind custom panel, we can build one to suit your exact needs—and it’s not necessary to have schematics. Just tell us what you want it to do and we can pull your requirements through to the design, build, testing and startup of your panel. We have built a wide variety of panels for industrial and process applications, food and beverage, water and wastewater, chemical and countless other applications. Whether you need a push button station or multi-door units including starters and contactors, we can custom design and build them for you.

New Construction

In our 35 years of performing work in the electrical construction field, we have led innumerable projects through every phase of development, from conception to completion. Our clients know they can rely on our years of experience to tackle any project, even when they’re complicated in nature with compressed schedules. We’ve worked on schools, offices, strip malls, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing plants and basically anything and everything involving electrical work.

A few of our clients

  • Custom Truck – Kansas City, Missouri
  • KCI Auto Auction – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Space Center KC – Independence, Missouri


Do you have a project you need to fast track? Let SEC speed up the process and reduce your overall risk. We have the experience, capabilities and qualifications needed to assist you. We can provide both design and construction services for your project. And with both phases of your project under a single contract, your firm can save time and reduce change orders resulting from design revisions that invariably arise during the course of a project. Let SEC help you avoid a “HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?” bid scenario, which only encourages poor quality and substandard work.

Sports & Site Lighting

SEC continually installs, maintains, and repairs all types of Sports Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting and Site Lighting across the KC Metro area. Our long-term working relationships with providers of these types of lighting fixtures means we will give you the best product to suit your needs.

Some of our clients

  • Jackson County Parks & Recreation
  • Jackson County Sports Authority

Generator Power & Transfer

SEC has installed generators of all types and sizes. We have decades of experience in the installation of units for industrial, institutional, commercial, manufacturing and residential systems. We understand the need for continuous clean power, particularly in this era of reliance on computer systems for many of your operations. Turnkey generator and transfer switch installations are our specialty.

Maintenance and Thermographic Studies

A planned repair takes much less time than an unplanned repair. When your office, plant or system is down due to an issue that could have been spotted before it became critical, it drives up cost and detracts from your ability to produce. Unexpected failures can often be minimized with the use of preventive/predictive maintenance, including the use of thermography. Thermography is non-destructive and unlikely to interrupt your operations. We can provide maintenance of any type to alleviate potential failures in your electrical systems.

24/7/365 Services and Emergency Response

We’ll respond to your emergency needs—morning, noon or night. If you need electrical service conducted off-hours, you can rely on SEC. Nothing is more important to us than our customers. No matter the industry or business, we are ready to keep you electrified, or to get you back up and running if your systems are down.

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